Thursday, February 14, 2008

♥ Valentines ♥ Day ♥

For Valentines Day, Jason brought me the most amazing roses I have ever seen to my work-and lunch :) . The roses were so beautiful and perfect! (Everyone was jealous!) After work we went to Capelli Salon and I got a much needed trim from Chantal. We went out to dinner at a place we had never been before called Madeline's Steak House in West Jordan. It was so amazing! The food was delicious (best steak I've ever had) and our server was so friendly and quick! Jason couldn't have picked a better place to eat! After dinner we saw Definitely, Maybe. It was really cute, really funny, and quite long. But it was good. In general is was a lovely Valentines Day. Love you pooky!
At Madeline's Steak House

Me and my beautiful roses!