Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First Blog!

Ok so I am obviously new to blogging but I will just give a quick update of recent events. I was selling alarm systems in San Bernardino, CA up until October of 2007 (Thats where Jason and I met) It was alot of fun.. pretty good money.. all in all a good experience! In November, we went on the Firstline Cruise to Mexico. It was sooo much fun! Here are a couple pics from the cruise..

After the cruise, we drove all the way back up to Cedar Hills, UT where we live now. I live in my parents house and Jason is renting a basement room there too! Its really quite the wonderful arrangement :) For now, I am working for LDS Living Magazine as kind of a receptionist/ subscription manager/whatever people tell me to do. Its not bad, but I am excited to start knocking again!
Since there is not much to do in Utah, we often find ourselves playing rock band, watching movies, watching reality TV :), playing at the nickelcade, snowboarding, sledding, eating, and pretty much just hanging out. We are getting ready to move out to Rochester, NY to work for APX Alarm where I will be selling and Jason will be the Lead Tech. My brother Jake is also coming out to be a tech for the summer so it should be really fun!

Thats pretty much what is going on right now in a nutshell. I'm sure there will be more to post later!