Saturday, November 15, 2008

We're married!!

As stated in the title, we are finally married :) I am so grateful that I have such an amazing husband who is so great to me and supports me in everything I do, he is really my best friend and now my husband! We got married on November 15, 2008 at the Northampton House in American Fork. It was amazing! Seriously, the day could not have gone any better. (Except for the fact that I broke one of my nails that morning! lol) It was even more perfect than I had expected and I have SO many people to thank for their help! My mom, dad, Miranda, Jake, Josh, and Mandy and Eli; my friends & bridesmaids Kenzi, Kelli, & Kibby; my amazing husband Jason (who actually did help out ALOT) and Jason's (and now mine too) awesome family Janice, Jillian, Joseph Sr, and Joe; AND tons of other people. Double thanks to my best friend Kenzi, who did my hair and makeup for my bridals and the wedding! The Northampton house did such a great job with everything as well! The food, decorations, flowers, music, cake.. EVERYTHING! It went so smoothly, I can't remember one moment of stress. Also a big thanks to Maddie Holmgren, our friend and wedding photographer - she did such a fantastic job with the photos. They came out great! Jonathan Walgamott as well, he did my bridal photos which also came out great. I can't express how grateful I am to have such a supportive, helpful and loving immediate & extended family (on both sides). Jason and I are also very lucky to have so many great friends who were a great help as well and so much fun to have there. I guess I will stop rambling and post some photos, but I love you all a ton, especially my new husband Jason!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The summer is OVER!!!

So, the summer is over and I am finally back in Utah. And...
I haven't posted since before I left in April! So alot has gone
on. First of all, Jason and I moved out to Rochester, NY with
APX Alarm where Jason was a Lead Tech and I was a sales
rep. It was an interesting summer and a really good experience!
We actually worked in Rochester, NY, Syracuse, NY, and
Providence, RI. We did alot of moving around which wasn't
particularly fun!

We didn't get to do much out on the east coast since we were
working all the time, but we did get a chance to go to Niagara
Falls, New York City, and a beach in RI called Newport Beach.
We also visited Lake Ontario and Darien Lake theme park.
We had a lot of fun!

The most exciting thing though, was that Jason and I got engaged!!
He proposed on my birthday (August 4) which was a VERY
pleasant surprise! (we had already been planning the wedding
pretty much all summer anyways Ü)

Jason is still working out in New Jersey right now and he'll be
coming home the first week of October... I can't wait!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Proposal

So here is the story of how he proposed :)

So, as previously stated, Jason and I got engaged on my birthday this August. It was amazing because I was not expecting it at all! We had to work that day (lame) and I was at a customers house way late because this italian lady was being ridiculous! Anyways, we had to drive an hour back to the hotel we were staying at in Syracuse, NY and I was kinda ornery because of that lady. I was so frustrated that I said we shouldn't go to dinner anymore because it was so late. Jason convinced me that we should still go out, and I told him we should just go straight there and not change out of our work clothes. So he then convinced me that we should stop first and change.(lol)

We had originally planned on going to Texas Roadhouse, but since it was so late, we had to change plans and decided to go to Applebees because thats all that was open. We got the address and Jason put it in his GPS and we started driving. Somehow, we ended up in downtown Syrcause by this huge fountain and Jason said he wanted to get out of the car and walk around for a minute. :)

We walked over by the fountain and we were just talking and stuff and he asked me if I wanted my birthday present. Of course I said yes! So he had me turn around, and he handed me a small box. I opened up the box and there was a note inside that read "Melissa, I know you only wanted one thing for your birthday so.....turn around..."

I turned around and he was on one knee and he proposed! It was so amazing, I have never been happier in my life!! It was so sweet and creative I couldn't have loved it any more. Oh yeah, I said yes!

By the time we got back to the car and drove to Applebees, they were closing, so we ended up going out to Denny's for our celebratory dinner! It was pretty funny, but still awesome!

So, we are getting married on November 15 at the Northampton House in American Fork and we are soooo excited! Now were just working on getting it all planned.. FUN!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First Blog!

Ok so I am obviously new to blogging but I will just give a quick update of recent events. I was selling alarm systems in San Bernardino, CA up until October of 2007 (Thats where Jason and I met) It was alot of fun.. pretty good money.. all in all a good experience! In November, we went on the Firstline Cruise to Mexico. It was sooo much fun! Here are a couple pics from the cruise..

After the cruise, we drove all the way back up to Cedar Hills, UT where we live now. I live in my parents house and Jason is renting a basement room there too! Its really quite the wonderful arrangement :) For now, I am working for LDS Living Magazine as kind of a receptionist/ subscription manager/whatever people tell me to do. Its not bad, but I am excited to start knocking again!
Since there is not much to do in Utah, we often find ourselves playing rock band, watching movies, watching reality TV :), playing at the nickelcade, snowboarding, sledding, eating, and pretty much just hanging out. We are getting ready to move out to Rochester, NY to work for APX Alarm where I will be selling and Jason will be the Lead Tech. My brother Jake is also coming out to be a tech for the summer so it should be really fun!

Thats pretty much what is going on right now in a nutshell. I'm sure there will be more to post later!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

♥ Valentines ♥ Day ♥

For Valentines Day, Jason brought me the most amazing roses I have ever seen to my work-and lunch :) . The roses were so beautiful and perfect! (Everyone was jealous!) After work we went to Capelli Salon and I got a much needed trim from Chantal. We went out to dinner at a place we had never been before called Madeline's Steak House in West Jordan. It was so amazing! The food was delicious (best steak I've ever had) and our server was so friendly and quick! Jason couldn't have picked a better place to eat! After dinner we saw Definitely, Maybe. It was really cute, really funny, and quite long. But it was good. In general is was a lovely Valentines Day. Love you pooky!
At Madeline's Steak House

Me and my beautiful roses!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So this winter, it was really snowy at our house. My dad and sister Miranda had made this huge sledding hill that started in our neighbors front yard (we had permission!) and curved down to the bottom of our backyard! It looked like alot of fun, so Jason and I decided to take a couple runs! It was a blast!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Phantom The Las Vegas Spectacular

For Christmas, Jason gave me 2 tickets to see Phantom The Vegas Spectacular [one for me and one for him :)] It was the best Christmas present ever.. I LOVE Phantom! So the first weekend in January we took a road trip down to St George and then on to Vegas. We got to St George Saturday afternoon and I got ready SO FAST in an effort to make it to my friend Cara's wedding. But...we didn't make it quite in time. We kinda watched/listened to the ceremony from outside and went in for the reception and food! It was a beautiful wedding! And I did get to see a bunch of my former Target coworkers so it was cool. We left the wedding and headed for Vegas! The show was at the Venetian Hotel where they constructed a theater just for Phantom. It was amazing! We had really good seats towards the back of the front section in the middle - right under the chandellier. It was so awesome. All of the effects and everything were soo cool. The show was beyond what I expected... I still can't get over how amazing it was. I definitely like the live performance better than the movie. It was a perfect Christmas present! Jason actually enjoyed it alot more than he thought he would too :) We definitely want to see it again sometime. Sooo.. we left Vegas and drove back up to St George at like 1 am. I left poor Jason alone for part of the drive though because I kept falling asleep! Sorry J! Either way, we made it back to St. George, woke up Sunday morning, and came back up north! It was a spectacular weekend and a perfect gift. Thanks Pooky!! I know my jacket doesn't match the dress but it was COLD!

at the entrance to the Phantom Theater

Me with my Phantom bag...