Saturday, January 5, 2008

Phantom The Las Vegas Spectacular

For Christmas, Jason gave me 2 tickets to see Phantom The Vegas Spectacular [one for me and one for him :)] It was the best Christmas present ever.. I LOVE Phantom! So the first weekend in January we took a road trip down to St George and then on to Vegas. We got to St George Saturday afternoon and I got ready SO FAST in an effort to make it to my friend Cara's wedding. But...we didn't make it quite in time. We kinda watched/listened to the ceremony from outside and went in for the reception and food! It was a beautiful wedding! And I did get to see a bunch of my former Target coworkers so it was cool. We left the wedding and headed for Vegas! The show was at the Venetian Hotel where they constructed a theater just for Phantom. It was amazing! We had really good seats towards the back of the front section in the middle - right under the chandellier. It was so awesome. All of the effects and everything were soo cool. The show was beyond what I expected... I still can't get over how amazing it was. I definitely like the live performance better than the movie. It was a perfect Christmas present! Jason actually enjoyed it alot more than he thought he would too :) We definitely want to see it again sometime. Sooo.. we left Vegas and drove back up to St George at like 1 am. I left poor Jason alone for part of the drive though because I kept falling asleep! Sorry J! Either way, we made it back to St. George, woke up Sunday morning, and came back up north! It was a spectacular weekend and a perfect gift. Thanks Pooky!! I know my jacket doesn't match the dress but it was COLD!

at the entrance to the Phantom Theater

Me with my Phantom bag...

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