Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We'll be cruisin....

So, this summer, Jason and I are moving out to Bakersfield, CA to run an office there for APX Alarm. Jason is the Operations Manager of our office and I am the Office Assistant (He is my boss!) We are going out with a Sales Manager named Jesse Pilcher, it should be an awesome summer. I can't wait! We will finally be somewhere WARM! Speaking of warm...for the summer, Jason and I decided to get ourselves some toys to enjoy that great weather with! We decided that we didn't want to drive the car and the truck out to Cali, and since Jason will be running around in the car helping out on installs and possibly doing his own installs, I was in need a vehicle for my own transportation down there. We decided that the best thing to get would be a scooter! They are cheaper than cars AND they get like 70-90 miles to the gallon! What more could a person want. So, we bought a scooter! I LOVE my scooter. It is kind of an avocado green color with some silver and black and I got a matching silver helmet. It is so fun driving it all around (Which currently I can't do because at this very moment there is a freakin BLIZZARD outside!) I wish it would just get warm again :( Well here is a pic of my lovely scooter.....

And... in addition to the scooter, Jason decided to get a motorcycle again! He decided to go with a red and black '99 CBR 600 F4. Jason used to have a motorcycle just like his new one (except it was yellow & black). It was the same make, model, and year. He sold the yellow bike about a year ago and has been wanting to get another one ever since! Another factor that made J want a new bike even more is that one of the techs that is coming out to work for him this summer is bringing his bullet bike out to California so Jason would actually have somebody to ride with! So after long hours of checking out all of the bikes for sale and after many, many insurance quotes, Jason decided to get this bike!

While I'm on the topic of insurance.. I want everyone to know that I saved almost $1500 a year by switching our car insurance to Geico. I'm not even kidding!! I was paying $218.86 a month with Progressive and I am now paying around $83 a month with Geico, and I have more coverage now than I did before! Isn't that just great?? I LOVE it!
Anyways.. I took Susie to the groomers last week and this is how she looked when I picked her up! It was just too cute so I had to post it :) (don't mind the laundry in the background, haha!)
I also had the joy of doing my little sister Miranda's hair for her most recent gymnastics competition.. and this is how it turned out! It was really fun, we had a sleepover the night before and woke up butt early to get this done before I had to be at work at 6am! I wasn't able to actually go to the competition because of work, but from what I hear she did great! Good job Panda!!

Well, that is all for now. I hate that I always have a million things to post all at once, I really should try posting more regularly, and perhaps limit my posts to 2 subjects each? Might be a good idea.. oh well, I'll post again soon. TTYL!

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