Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bakersfield, CA For the Summer...

We have been out in Bakersfield, CA for a few weeks now working for APX Alarm, so now that I am pretty settled and whatnot I figured I would post! We love it out here! It is nice and warm here, but sometimes unbearably hot!! Its perfect for cruising around on our motorcycles! (By motorcycles, I mean my scooter and Jason's bullet bike!!) We have had a lot of fun already even though we haven't been here very long. Of course, the majority of our time is spent working. And by majority, I mean 95%. Seriously! Its kind of hard, but worth it! Jason is the Operations Manager again this summer, aka Lead Tech. So he is VERY busy managing all of the technicians and the operations side of the office, as well as installing with the techs. I am the "Office Assistant" so I just sit at home all day pretty much!! Well, I schedule all of the installs, collect all of the paperwork and send it to corporate, and do other "office stuff". I also sit on the couch and watch tv alot :) It has been nice being home all day though, I have plenty of time to play with Susie, sew and scrapbook and such. And recently I have decided that I LOVE digital scrapbooking! Its so neat!! Anyways.. Other than working, we had a BBQ the first sunday we were here with a bunch of the people we work with. It was nice! Our apartment complex has a sweet clubhouse with a nice BBQ area and pool. By the way, the apartments are AMAZING. I wish I could live in them for free forever!! I'll have to put pics up later.

There is this fabulous restaurant called BJ's Restaurant and Brewery here. It is the best pizza in the entire world! They also have this thing called a "Pizookie" which is basically a giant cookie in a pizza pan topped with ice cream. It practically melts in your mouth. WOW, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! A whole group of us went one saturday and our table devoured TWO giant party platter pizookies. YIKES.

Jason's hair was getting pretty long, and for a week he always talked about going to get it cut, but he never went!! Finally, we decided that it would be much easier for me to just shave his head. So I did! Of course, along the way I decided to give him an awesome mohawk/mullet. It was sexy. So ya, I now have a practically bald husband! I personally think he looks a lot more hardcore with his hair cut like this! So HOT :)

This past Sunday, Jason, Jeremy, Justin, Chandler, and I decided that it would be really fun to go to Six Flags in Valencia. It is only about 45 minutes from Bakersfield so it wasn't a bad drive. On the way, we decided to stop in and say hello to some family friends, Brian & Natasha and their girls, Ally & Emily. They are so cute, I love them!! Emily was being funny and decided to wear a Dr Pepper box for shoes! What a cutie! Six Flags was a blast! The rides there are so intense and it was blistering hot! After a while, the combination of extreme heat and extreme rollercoasters made me a little sick, so I held off on going on the rides about halfway through the day. It was still super fun though! The sad thing though, is when I got there, I turned my camera on, and the batteries were dead! So I managed to get a couple of terrible pics with my phone..There was this one ride called X 2 that the guys went on at the very end of the day. I'm pretty sure it is the most intense roller coaster in the entire world! Seriously, I didn't go on it, but it made me sick just watching other people ride it! LOL The picture of Chandler and Jason on the rollercoaster is from X2, and that is the look of genuine terror on their faces!! Seriously, they weren't even trying to make faces for the picture, thats just how it turned out! Way funny.

Lastly, I am really really excited to be flying up to Utah this weekend. My little brother Jakey is going to be leaving for his mission this next Wednesday and his farewell is this Sunday! It's so crazy that he is leaving so soon. He will be serving in the Mexico City North Mission. I'm so excited for him! My best friend Kenzi's farewell is actually a week after his, and sadly I won't be making up for that one, but I do get to see her this weekend for the last time before she leaves for a year and a half! It's nuts!! She is leaving June 10th for Buenos Aires, Argentina. I LOVE them both and they are both going to make fantastic missionaries!

Anyways, that is definitely a lot for one post, so I will stop there. But I'm sure I will have more to post about later, especially after I get back from Utah! PEACE! :)

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Todd & Chynna said...

Looks like you are way busy but having tons of fun! Im jealous that you digital scrapbook, I tried to download some stuff and do it on my photoshop but that was a joke and a half!